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SySoQual Research Group Nov-2016 Seminar

Speaker: Prof.Dr. Onur Demirörs, Informatics Institute, METU

Date and Time: 30 November 2016 Wednesday between 15:00-16:00

Subject: Success and Visions for Process Improvement

Venue: Atılım University, Faculty of Engineering, 1st floor, Conference Hall 1020


During the last two decades software process improvement in general, model based improvement approaches such as ISO 15504 in particular has been perceived as the most significant solution for the management problems of the software organizations. We have accumulated great experience by applying model based improvement approaches as a community. This experience enabled us to find solutions to the frequently faced problems and also showed us some of the challenges for the improvement of the models and our perception of process improvement. This talk will present success factors for software process improvement projects from a practitioner’s perspective and visions of improvement from a researcher’s perspective.