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Become Erasmus Student


Information related to Erasmus students, countries and courses can be obtained from Atılım University EU & International Relations Office.

Erasmus students gain the opportunity to become a student at an university in an Europian country and receive financial support for 1 or 2 semesters in 1 academic year (during 3-12 mounths).

Provided financial support will not be demanded back. Financial support not covers all the expences. The aim is to help students for additional expanses due to Erasmus program.

Erasmus mobility activity can be only between contracted out departments.

Students can make use of Erasmus only once during their university life.

Criterias for Erasmus Student Mobility Activity:

  • For undergraduate students at least 2.00 / 4.00 (70/100) cumulative grade
  • For MS and PhD students at least 2.50 / 4.00 (75/100) cumulative grade
  • In the computetion of students’ success grade 50% of akademic cumulative grade and 50% of English knowledge is being used.

Grants :

Grants are categorized in 4 groups according to the standarts of living in European countries. The below table is prepared in 2008/2009 academic year and shows the mounthly grant amount for European countries in 4 catogories.


Mounthly Grant (€)




Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, South Cyprus, Estonia, Bulgaria ve Rumania



Slovak Republic, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovenia, greece ve Malta



Netherlands, Luxembourg  , Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, Germany ve Austria



Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, United Kingdom


Grants are given to the students in 2 payments. Grants are paid only during the foreign education of students.

Academic Situation, Academik Prices and Course registration:

The equivalent courses in two departments are determined before students start their Erasmus study. Learning agreement is being signed between student, sending institute and receveng institute before Erasmus study starts.

One semester studies aims 30 and one year studies aim 60 AKTS credits. Student must be successfully complete 2/3 credit courses. The semester or semesters spent on Erasmus study by successfull students will be accepted as been spent in Turkey. Unsuccessfull students will continue their education in their own institute and they will be exempt from the courses credits equal to their successful courses in Erasmus study.

Erasmus students registers to their own university during their Erasmus study. They will not suspend their own university registration during Erasmus study. All the fees related to the registration will be paid to their own university. They will not pay any fee to the foreign university as registration fee. However, the foreign university may request to pay some small fees includeing fees related to sports facilities, transportation etc.

Facts about Erasmus Program:
1- Erasmus program is not a foreign language leraning program.
2- Erasmus program is not a grant program.
3- Erasmus program is not a certificate giving program.