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Software Engineering Master's Program

Over the past few decades, because of the growing use of computers in every aspect of society, the need for qualified software engineers has grown drastically. Since the graduates from the undergraduate programs offered in the computer field cannot possibly meet this demand, it becomes a necessity to educate graduates from other disciplines in the area of software engineering. In addition, the graduates from computer science/engineering fields do not have sufficient knowledge in one of the fastest growing branches of the computer field: software engineering.

The Software Engineering graduate program of Atılım University aims to help computer engineering/science graduates to gain expertise in the area of software engineering, and also to give sufficient technical background to graduates from other disciplines enabling them to gain knowledge and experience to work as software engineers.

Admission requirements for the MS program:

  • Bachelor’s degree from a related field.
  • ALES (Quantitative) minimum 55 points
  • English proficiency (YDS, AİYS) minimum 60/100 points

Courses and Credits

The Software Engineering graduate program is offered in two options: with thesis and without thesis. The aim of the thesis option is to prepare the students for PhD programs while motivating them to perform research in the area of software engineering. In the second option, the objective is to educate students so that they can work as software engineers. The courses are divided into three groups in both options: Software, Computer Science and Electives courses. In this framework, students should take at least 3 courses from the software group and one course from the computer science group. Throughout the program, a maximum number of two undergraduate courses could be taken with the approval of the advisor. In this case, for each of these undergraduate courses a "special studies" course should be taken which are denoted by "SE580 Special Studies I" and "SE581 Special Studies II". The required number of courses and credits in both options are given below:

Graduate Program with Thesis (21 Credits - 120 ECTS)

  • 4 Software Engineering Must Courses (12 credits - 30 ECTS)
  • 3 Elective Course (9 credits – 22.5 ECTS)
  • Graduation Seminar (NC - 7.5 ECTS)
  • Special Studies on Thesis Subject (NC - 10 ECTS)
  • Thesis (NC - 50 AKTS)

Deficiency Program

Semester 0.1

COMPE 723 Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Programming (3-0)3 0,0
SE 722 Fundamentals of Software Engineering (3-0)3 0,0

Semester 0.2

COMPE 726 Object-Oriented Data Structures (3-0)3 0,0