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Ali Yazıcı, Prof. Dr., Chairperson

Ali Yazıcı

Contact Information

Home Department:Department of Software Engineering
Detailed CV

Academic Degrees

PhD of Philosophy Computer Science University of Waterloo, Canada 1983
Master's of Science Matematik/Hesaplamalı Bilimler ve Nümerik Analiz Middle East Technical University 1974
Bachelor's of Science Matematik/Hesaplamalı Bilimler ve Nümerik Analiz Middle East Technical University 1972

Academic Titles

Professor September 1994
Assoc. Prof. October 1985
Asst. Prof. September 1983

Research Topics

Algorithms, Computational Science, Data Mining, Database Management Systems, e-Goverment, e-Learning, Education, Information Systems, Information Technology, Mobile Computing, Numerical Analysis, Parallel Processing, Relational Database Systems, Scientific Computation, Software, Software Engineering



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Other Refereed Journals

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